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You change your life every day.

With every decision you make, the seemingly small and the obviously catalytic alike, you change your life and the lives of those around you. Your family and friends, your business partners and employees, your church body, and even the lives of strangers, all from choices you make.

It is extremely important then, to be intentional about our choices, and the people that we choose to have influence our lives, as their choices impact our lives, too. 

Submitting our choices to God's heart, we choose to set ourselves and our businesses as examples of what it looks like when we seek first the Kingdom and let God bring the increase.

Why partner with Ignite?

Spirit-Led Business Leaders:

With healthy, intentional relationships, characterized by exceptional candor and deep devotion to Kingdom principles, Ignite Christian Business is the community you've been hungry for.


By partnering with us you get access to the following benefits:

  • Gain Access to a curated E-Book Library (Coming Soon)

  • Find out about Direct Networking

  • Deep Dive into Strategic Spirit Led Business Development

  • Join the Ignite Community Call

  • Specialist Courses

  • Special Discounts on Ignite conferences

  • And many more!

We want to partner with you as you pursue God's vision for yourself, your family, your business, and your community.

If you're joining as a couple, please follow these steps:
Sign up normally for your first account. Then, when signing up for the second account, use code "ICBStrategicCouples" for 50% off of your spouse's account.

NOTE: Ignite does not offer coed strategic groups.

  • Strategy Partnership

    Every month
    Curated, strategic growth, Deeper community interaction, and so much more. Get Ignited.
    • Weekly Strategic Call
    • Ignite Boot Camps (Coming 2024)
    • Specialist Courses (Coming 2024)
    • Free Access to All Ignite Conferences
    • Discovery Tier Features
  • Kingdom Board of Advisors

    Every month
    A group of seasoned Christian business leaders, devoted to serving God's vision for one another.
    • Once monthly meeting
    • Exclusive to established Christian Business Leaders
    • Current avg. no. of yrs in business: 40+
    • Sharing of resources, contacts, wisdom and direction
    • Shared goal of mutual success in faith, family, and business
    • Access to Strategic Partner Program
    • Free Access to All Ignite Conferences
    • Discounted "Ignite Kingdom Talk" Advertising
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